This page lists errata in Mozart’s Music of Friends. If you encounter errors in either the prose or musical examples, please report them by emailing errata [at] MozartsMusicOfFriends [dot] com.


Ch. 2: Chamber music and the metaphor of conversation

p. 41, n. 49: In the title of Giuseppe Carpani’s book, the word “celebre” is given with unnecessary accent marks.

p. 42, n. 50: The word “predominantly” is misspelled.

Ch. 3: Private, public, and playing in the present tense

p. 82: In the title of Giorgio Pestelli’s book, the preposition “di” is misspelled as “de.”

Ch. 4: Analyzing from within: toward a theory of multiple agency

p. 115, n. 6: The city “Brescia” is misspelled in the citation of Stefano Guazzo’s book.

Ch. 5: Multiple agency and sonata form

p. 178: The word “gruppetto” is misspelled here and elsewhere in the book.

Ch. 6: Multiple agency and meter

p. 253, n. 90: Each reference to mm. 88–89 should instead read 83–84.

Ch. 7: An afternoon at skittles

In the online resources accompanying this chapter, a pair of mislabeled harmonies appears in Score 7 and in Video 7. In the Adagio movement, in mm. 24 and 97, the chords labeled Fr 4/3 are actually II 4/3 chords (with modal mixture).


p. 291: A space is missing in the phrase “score- vs. performance-centered.”


The date of Fabio Morabito’s dissertation, “Authorship, Performance, and Musical Identity in Restoration Paris,” is erroneously given as 2016. It should be dated 2015.

Notes on Metrical Theory

p. 25, Ex. 14 is erroneously labeled as Beethoven’s op. 59, no. 3. It should be labeled as op. 59, no. 1.