This page lists errata in Mozart’s Music of Friends. If you encounter errors in either the prose or musical examples, please report them by emailing errata [at] MozartsMusicOfFriends [dot] com.


Ch. 2: Chamber music and the metaphor of conversation

p. 42, n. 50: The word “predominantly” is misspelled.

Ch. 6: Multiple agency and meter

p. 253, n. 90: Each reference to mm. 88–89 should instead read 83–84.

Ch. 7: An Afternoon at Skittles

In the online resources accompanying this chapter, a pair of mislabeled harmonies appears in Score 7 and in Video 7. In the Adagio movement, in mm. 24 and 97, the chords labeled Fr 4/3 are actually II 4/3 chords (with modal mixture).


p. 291: A space is missing in the phrase “score- vs. performance-centered.”


The date of Fabio Morabito’s dissertation, “Authorship, Performance, and Musical Identity in Restoration Paris,” is erroneously given as 2016. It should be dated 2015.